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Propeller Console Table

This spacious console table combines modern sleek design with durability, ideal for any contemporary home. The console table top is available in Ceramic Baked on Glass or Solid Ceramic materials, ensuring a lifetime of use.

The Propeller Console Table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; its sleek yet minimalist design allows it to blend effortlessly into any contemporary setting. The base is inspired by aircraft propellers, crafted in stainless steel ensuring its durability.

The table top is available in our Matilux Glass or Ceramic Glass materials, all offering an unmatched level of resistance to whatever may meet the surface. The lacquered stainless steel base is also available in a variety of colours. Ideal for displaying flowers and ornaments, the console table provides ample space, available in two lengths so you can find the right size to suit your contemporary living area.

Width 160cm 200cm
Depth 40cm 40cm
Height 75cm 75cm
Features & Benefits
Matilux Glass Ceramic Glass (3+6 & 6+6) & Solid Ceramic
No more greasy fingers No scratches
No reflection in the sun 100% UV resistant
No visible scratches (Scratches are possible)

Will not absorb grease, acid, water or wine

Non Porous

Feels soft and warm 100% resistant to frost
The paint on the underside is baked into the glass No more greasy fingers
The glass is tempered No visible dust
No green or blue effect on the edge of the glass Indoor or Outdoor use
Easy maintenance. No streaks after polishing Easy maintenance
Scratch Resistant Ceramics Video
Scratch Resistant Ceramics
Choose Your Options


Select Top Material & Size

Top Material
10mm Matilux® Glass
10mm Tempered, coloured and frosted
3mm Ceramic + 6mm Glass
Ceramics 3mm laminated on 6mm tempered glass
6mm Ceramic + 6mm Glass
Ceramics 6mm laminated on 6mm tempered glass (Calacatta)
Solid Ceramic 13mm
Full Ceramics, fitted with fiberglass membrane underneath

Select Top Finish

Ultra White
Blue Stone
Wood Grey
Old Oak
Smoked Oak
Black Iron

Select Leg/Exterior Finish

Brushed Burnt Oak
Dark Brown
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