Elda Wall Desk

The minimal Elda Wall desk fits into a wall to establish, rather than enhance, the mood of a living space with its own uncompromising essence. Its pure oak exterior is available in a selection of deep and light tones.
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The minimal design of the Elda Wall Desk makes a huge style statement to any modern interior. Fitted into the wall, the design melds into its wider interior landscape to significantly heighten its stylistic impact. The design becomes no longer a piece of furniture to be adapted to a space, but a part of the space by which surrounding decor serves to complement. The unique nature of this desk is then able to implement its own impression on a space more effectively than more typical arrangements would be capable of. 

A smooth oak exterior displays a superb natural grain pattern, that contributes its own warming ambience to an interior. Available in a selection of softer and deeper tones, this design is adaptable to fit an array of different home settings comfortably. Alongside the desks extreme cutting-edge appeal comes a functional capacity for storage, with a drawer emerging from the designs compact frame.

This wall desk carries an unconventional yet extremely innovative and contemporary identity. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to fill their home with distinct, memorable style, whilst it’s guaranteed to impress guests with its tremendous, refined character.

Width 124cm
Depth 49cm
Height 20cm