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Sofia Extending Oak Dining Table

A glossy oak dining table that assumes the focal point of any grand space with its magnificent aura and its extraordinary extendable length.
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A gorgeous and seamless oak surface has a sizeable full extendable width of 2.8 metres, making it fit for hosting banquettes along with all other large do’s. At full capacity, the table with up to 14 place settings assumes centre stage in the dining space it occupies, contributing to a grand aesthetic that is immediately impressive.

You have the freedom to select the most suitable oak-textured finish for your home, with this table being available in a selection of textures from across the tonal spectrum. This range includes deep colours such as ‘smoked’ and ‘grey oak’ and progresses to softer tones such as ‘unfinished oak’, ‘oiled’ and ‘very white oiled oak’ to give you a completely personalised design.

Aside from its luxurious appearance, an oak frame makes the table exceptionally durable. It will prove an invaluable investment in lasting a lifetime in its owner’s possession.

While providing ample space to dine on, the table reduces by a whole metre in width to 1.8 metres, and so ceases to take up so much space whenever idle between meal times.

Width 180cm 
Extended Width 280cm 
Depth 100cm 
Height 75cm
Place Settings 8-14