Lisa Oak Bar Stool

An oak bar stool that is irresistible thanks to its minimal, classic style and an oak frame of excellent stylish and durable quality.
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The minimal impression emanated by the Lisa Oak Bar Stool is integral to the allure at the design’s very heart. The fusion of natural oak with glossy leather grants the chair an unparalleled aesthetic that, whilst featuring subtle contemporary undertones, is versatile to suit alternate interior styles too.

The customisability of this bar stool makes it particularly unique from other designs of its kind. You may tailor the frame in an oak-based finish of your choosing. Take your pick from a range of available colours, that span to reflect both softer and bolder tones, and take complete control over the mood you want your design to have. The leather upholstery likewise is offered in a choice of leather colours to reflect your desired style.

A durable foundation of oak guarantees a long life for the bar stool. The dependability of the structure is increased with the feature of additional steel and oak supports uniting the legs together further down the base. An abundance of stylish and practical attributes makes this stool simply invaluable to possess.

Seat Height 71.5cm
Seat Width 40.5cm
Seat Depth 40.5cm