Lewis Oak Dining Chair

An enticing oak dining chair curves faintly along its back, with its serene essence interrupted only as the design's upholstery offers a welcome deviation in the texture of this unique piece.
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A suave design exhibits boundless contemporary flair across the frame of this exclusive Lewis Oak Dining Chair. The back of the seat subtly curves over to give the design an enticing, imaginative edge. Across the frame features a mesmerising woodgrain texture, which attributes its own unadulterated ambience whilst highlighting the chair’s significant roots in classic rustic style. The frame is available in a selection of oak-based finishes, allowing you to adapt your purchase to suit the aesthetic of your own interior landscape.

The dining chair’s upholstery may also be customised in an array of textures. Whilst blending to perfection with the chair’s oak motif, the padding is also considerably comfortable. The modest, tranquil mood it establishes makes it the perfect host for all your social functions.

While compact in size, the dining chair is notably durable. Constructed of oak and with an unyielding foundation, it will prove a highly dependable investment.

Seat Back Height 101.5cm
Seat Height 45.5cm
Seat Width 46.5cm
Seat Depth 56.5cm