Clara Oak Dining Chair

A distinctly modern design sees leather upholstery run through the middle of this unique dining chair's oak frame to immaculate stylistic effect.
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While being full of enticing qualities, there is a simple appeal at the heart of the Clara Oak Dining Chair that makes it truly extraordinary and unique. That is, the contrasting yet harmonic pairing of the design’s oak frame and the PU leather core of the product’s upholstery. The success of this pairing gives an illusion of minimalism. One closer look at the intricate woodgrain pattern permeating the frame, and the prevalent contemporary flair so integral to the dining chairs identity, and the genius of this piece is abundantly clear.

Both the oak-based finish of the frame and the colour of leather may be customised. A range of shades spanning across the tonal spectrum grant you complete freedom to find the design most suited for the unique ambience of your home.

The visual allure of the dining chair is complemented by a strapping oak base. With a dependable foundation, the whole structure is greatly durable.

Seat Back Height  101.5cm 
Seat Height  45.5cm 
Seat Width  46.5cm 
Seat Depth  56.5cm