Contemporary Cabinets JoliCube 55 Column Cabinet

Cube 55 Column Cabinet

Suitable for across the house and for a broad range of interiors, this column of sizeable cupboards offers maxium versatility. The exterior of this cabinet is made from Tempered Matilux® Glass. The cabinet top is also available in Ceramic Baked on Glass, or Solid Ceramic, insuring a lifetime of use.
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Our Cube 55 Column Cabinet finds the perfect balance between function and aesthetic. This product features the same futuristic design as our Cube 40 Column Cabinet, the cubes simply come in a larger size. This pristine piece of furniture exhibits a practical, yet highly fashionable storage solution. For a fresh, clean ambience in your home, this piece is ideal.

This collection of vertically stacked, cubed shaped cupboards is highly customizable to fit your needs, giving you the opportunity to choose from either 2, 3 or 4 cabinets. Moreover, it features convenient internal shelving, with extra shelves available upon request.

The doors and sides of this sleek, ultra-modern storage unit are made from our low maintenance Matilux Glass and come in a variety of colours. The top surface also comes in Matilux Glass however, you can upgrade to our scratch and grease resistant Ceramic Glass or Forest Oak for a wider range of finishes.

The interior is made of 1.8mm thick high density Melamine and comes in the regular Joli light grey finish. The interior is also available in the premium Cosy finish, which gives you the choice of an Old Oak or Smoked Oak look.

The Cube 55 Column Cabinet comes at a standard depth of 40cm. Although, if you would like a 27cm depth, please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate.

  2 Doors 3 Doors 4 Doors
Width 55cm 55cm 55cm
Depth 27cm 27cm 27cm
Height 110cm 165cm 220cm


Maximum Load = 20kg per door

Features & Benefits
Matilux Glass Ceramic Glass (3+6 & 6+6) & Solid Ceramic
No more greasy fingers No scratches
No reflection in the sun 100% UV resistant
No visible scratches (Scratches are possible)

Will not absorb grease, acid, water or wine

Non Porous

Feels soft and warm 100% resistant to frost
The paint on the underside is baked into the glass No more greasy fingers
The glass is tempered No visible dust
No green or blue effect on the edge of the glass Indoor or Outdoor use
Easy maintenance. No streaks after polishing Easy maintenance
Choose Your Options


Select Top Material & Size

Top Material
2 Door Joli
3 Door Joli
4 Door Joli
2 Door Cosy
3 Door Cosy
4 Door Cosy
4mm Matilux® Glass
4mm Tempered, coloured and frosted
3mm Ceramic + 6mm Glass
Ceramics 3mm laminated on 6mm tempered glass
6mm Ceramic + 6mm Glass
Ceramics 6mm laminated on 6mm tempered glass (Calacatta)
Solid Ceramic 13mm
Full Ceramics, fitted with fiberglass membrane underneath
Forest Oak 18mm

Select Top Finish

Dark Brown
Forest Oak
Ultra White
Uni Grey
Blue Stone
Wood Grey
Old Oak
Smoked Oak
Black Iron

Select Leg/Exterior Finish

Dark Brown

Select Interior Finish

Old Oak
Smoked Oak
Light Grey
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