Contemporary Cabinets BelgiqueModa Wide Oak Display Cabinet

Moda Wide Oak Display Cabinet

Showcasing some outstanding features of modern innovative interior design, this wide oak display cabinet carries a boundless functional capacity to work alongside its overwhelming aesthetic.

An enthralling and intricate design has an astronomical capacity for storage with the Moda Wide Oak Display Cabinet carrying an imposing, impressive frame. The humungous range of different sized compartments make the arrangement extremely effective in accommodating any household function with absolute comfort.

The piece is perhaps most notable for its pure oak motif, with its exterior brushed to make visible a fabulous woodgrain pattern. Its seamless outer layer is available in a selection of softer and deeper finishes, and so it’s highly adaptable to suit perfectly varied interior landscapes. The display cabinet holds the additional option to include ceramic tiles across its 4 drawers. Offered in any of our unique Taupe, Grey or Anthracite textures, the considerable density of ceramics makes it the perfect material to withstand damages and dents that might be inflicted upon it.

If the display cabinet is rich in its functional capability than it is ever more so in innovative flair, with a glass display cabinet piercing the centre of the design. Across the rear of the shelf in the display cabinet features an internal lighting display, which is activated via a touch sensor hidden at the cabinet’s top surface. While just one of the arrangement’s many intriguing features, it epitomises the powerful contemporary spirit flowing through the piece’s every nook and cranny. More significantly, the placement of the lights emphasise best the appealing characteristics of any ornament one wishes to display there.

Both pure oak and ceramics are dependable, durable materials that assure the longevity of the product. A base of stainless steel is available in either Black or Aluminium colours, while too overflowing in tenacious assets. This product will last a lifetime, and with plenty of functional features, plus a powerful aesthetic, it’s an essential product for a living or a dining space.

Width 144cm
Depth 48cm
Height 175cm
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