Contemporary Cabinets BelgiqueModa Tall Oak Display Cabinet

Moda Tall Oak Display Cabinet

This colossal design exhibits beauty while also being an enormously capable piece. This tall oak display cabinet consists of numerous compartments, most notably a display shelf with the suave addition of internal lighting. Ceramics are also available across the drawers of the arrangement.

The magnificent Moda Display Tower succeeds in being both a spectacle and in being an invaluable functional design. A display cabinet at the very peak of the arrangement makes the work overfull of enticing attributes. An internal lighting display features behind a glass door to emphasise the finer details of any ornaments one might wish to display there. Such an installation disrupts the otherwise seamless flow of the exterior’s pure oak motif, which is brushed to make visible a majestic woodgrain pattern. The oak is available in a range of brighter and deeper textures, allowing it to reflect most accurately the unique mood boasted by your home décor. This Display Tower is also available without a glass door in the same oak that permeates the frame. 

A second customisable option comes with the choice to include ceramic tiles across the drawers positioned just below the display shelf. Available in any of our unique Taupe, Grey or Anthracite textures, this considerably dense material provides protection against scratches, abrasion, staining or other indentations that’d be potentially inflicted upon the design’s outermost layer. Of course, the design is also offered in oak to match the cabinet’s body. The base colour may also be selected in either black or aluminium.

The key benefit of the Display Tower’s soaring height is a huge functional capacity for storage. One concealed cabinet, two drawers and the two shelves of the display cabinet are all aligned one on top of the other. Here the ingenious fusion of style and utility, that’s so integral to this arrangement, is highlighted, and verily. This work will drastically enhance the unique character of any space it occupies, contributing to an assured and confident ambience that will give your guests an insatiable desire to return.

Width 61cm
Depth 48cm
Height 175cm
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