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Elda Oak Wall Cabinet

Contained within a minimal frame, the Elda Oak Wall Cabinet decorates any interior with its confident, refined style.
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Made of 85% solid oak, the minimal Elda Wall Cabinet has a subtle chicness to it. Its compact frame carries a less-is-more feel, one that makes it fully versatile to suit different décor themes with ease. The design's capacity to be adapted is heightened further, as its oak exterior is available in a selection of brighter and darker finishes to reflect differing stylistic directions. What’s constant throughout all available brushed finishes is the cabinets meticulous woodgrain pattern, that contributes its unique natural aura to any space it inhabits.

With the cabinet being fixed into the wall of an interior space, the depth and substance of the design becomes a definitive feature of a rooms wider identity. Its modest size is practical to suit pretty much any room of the house, with both an open and a shut compartment offering ample storage space, while providing an effective area to display ornaments or other decorative pieces. The concealed cabinet is available on either the left or right hand side of the design's open counterpart. 

The cabinet's pure oak aesthetic boasts a time-honoured style, with a minimal stainless steel handle serving only to complement the piece's wider unadulterated feel. Beyond the oak's distinct allure, however, come the work's more durable assets. The design is fully protected against water ingress, while longevity is assured as its strapping frame is highly dependable.

Width 100cm
Depth 30cm
Height 60cm