Elda Oak TV Unit

The marvelous oak Elda Oak TV Unit is the chic living room centrepiece that's guaranteed to give your home interior its own strong, cutting-edge quality.
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Finesse fills every inch of the Elda TV Cabinet, as delicate details are incorporated into the design's wider uncompromising appearance to give the work its deceptively simple aura. The design is primarily distinct for possessing an oak motif. Consisting of 85% solid oak, it comes in a range of soft and heavy finishes to adapt meticulously to all different home décor themes. Its exterior is brushed to accentuate a beautiful organic woodgrain pattern at the heart of the work's unique appearance.

While the crux of the cabinet may well be its oak core, a glass console compartment contributes innovative flair, and gives the design an unparalleled essence. The nanotechnology of a Fenix supermatt material provides inner protection at the base of this section, thermally healing any scratches, rubbing and abrasion that may occur over time on the work. At the back of this display compartment comes the installation of internal lighting. This ingenious feature is easily controlled with a touch sensor, which beyond turning the light on and off, has a capacity to be dimmed and raised to suit different moods.

The display shelf is paired with an additional drawer just below, to offer ample storage space to accommodate your different household needs. Aside from possessing clear aesthetic glamour, its pure oak core accounts for a strapping, extremely durable design, making this special product an invaluable investment. The work's availability as either a floor cabinet or a wall mounted cabinet epitomizes perfectly its extreme adaptability to suit different interior spaces. 

  Floor Cabinet Wall Mounted Cabinet
Width 124cm 124cm
Depth 49cm 49cm
Height 58cm 46cm