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Elda Oak Display Wall Cabinet

The pure oak Elda Oak Display Wall Cabinet features a glass door, and internal lighting, and is all set to redecorate your home with boundless contemporary spirit.
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Modest in size yet bearing considerable style, the Elda Display Wall Cabinet strongly enhances an interiors ambience. The distinctly contemporary design consists of an open shelf and a glass display compartment, making it idyllic for showcasing your favourite ornaments in a bedroom, dining or living room setting. Built of 85% solid oak, its exterior is brushed to show a warming woodgrain pattern that contributes its own unadulterated style to a space. Aside from bringing its own natural character to the design, the work's pure oak exterior also makes for a highly durable and tenacious frame. The cabinet's display door is available on either the left or right hand side of the design.

The subtle though highly effective installation of light underneath the cabinet's glass compartment brings a display piece to the forefront of one’s peripheral, thus complementing the enticing, eye-catching qualities of the work the cabinet serves to exhibit. This feature is activated by touch sensors at the top of the design. Beyond holding a simple on and off function, the lights have a dimming and raising capacity, and so can adapt to suit different moods and occasions easily.

At the base of the display cabinet is a Fenix supermatt laminate material, that is resistant to scratches, abrasion and dry heat through its incorporation of nanotechnology. Though just a subtle feature, this touch highlights the innovative flair at the very heart of this design. The exclusive Elda range, of which this superb cabinet comes as part of, constantly searches for current ways to harmonise technological development with luxury in the making of their products, making this design truly unique and special.

Width 100cm
Depth 30cm
Height 60cm