Contemporary Cabinets BelgiqueElda Oak Bar Cabinet

Elda Oak Bar Cabinet

The stunning and highly creative Elda Oak Bar Cabinet offers the perfect showpiece to any home. The design combines wondrously its oak exterior with an enticing set of display shelves, with internal lighting filling the design with boundless contemporary spirit.
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Give your home unrivalled stand-out character with the astonishing Elda Oak Bar Cabinet. The contrast in tone between its oak doors, and the deep backdrop of its display shelves, gives the design a certain enticing appeal. The addition of lights at the back end of the glass shelves highlight the innovative quality ingrained throughout this product. The lights are activated by a touch sensor on the top of the work, containing a dimming and raising function for good measure. This touch boasts contemporary flair, with its cutting-edge style being compelling enough to redefine any space. A Fenix supermatt laminate covers the base of the display shelf, and provides resistance against scratches, abrasion and dry heat for additional dependability. 

The bar cabinet's oak exterior is available in different light, dark, brown and natural shades, making it adaptable to suit different home décor styles perfectly. An unyielding base adopts a blackened texture, to remain discrete whilst furthering this cabinet's illusive impact – this time leaving the impression that this meticulous design hangs suspended in mid-air. Stainless steel handles adopt a minimal design, and serve in favour of the exteriors wider organic essence. 

The scrupulous design of this piece creates an almost symmetrical feel between its top and bottom halves. Its classy arrangement also offers an excess of storage space, with a drawer and two concealed compartments providing excess space still to the five shelves of the two display cabinets. Made from 85% solid oak, this product is protected against water ingress, making its core extremely durable. Paired with a strapping foundation, the design screams of well-rounded quality, making it the perfect showpiece that’s guaranteed to stun all guests throughout its lengthy life-span.

Width  110cm
Depth  49cm
Height  127cm