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Elda Oak Display Cabinet

This sublime and inventive design harmonises an enthralling oak exterior with internal lighting and sleek nanotech features. It's also highly customisable to best suit all different interior landscapes.
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At a soaring height, the Elda Display Cabinet is a visually gripping work. The design's body of 85% solid oak is brushed to give off a seamless quality, whilst the fabulous woodgrain pattern it brings forth likewise strengthens the tremendous character of the design. These time-honoured home décor traits harmonise perfectly with the design's more innovative features, most notably throughout the display compartment. The installation of internal lighting at the rear end of the two display shelves emphasise further the ornaments one wishes to exhibit, with the lights possessing a dimming and raising feature for good measure. At the base of the display compartment is a Fenix supermatt material, that contains self-sustaining qualities to protect against abrasion, scratching and other irritations that might occur. 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this design is the finesse by which such a detailed, contemporary arrangement appears so straightforward and attractive. While rich in modern features, the design is loyal to the unadulterated feel set by its bold oak motif, with minimal stainless steel handles ceasing to intrude upon the design's wider serene tone. An inclusion of different stylistic features makes the piece adaptable to more traditional interiors as well as more current interior design styles.

The display shelf is accompanied by a concealed compartment, with the glass door available on either the left or right hand side of the design. Separating the two doors is an inset strip, which uses the same Fenix material as the inside of the display compartment, and is available in any of our select Bronzo, Piombo or Zinco textures. The pairing of a strapping oak foundation with this durable Fenix supermatt material  guarantees an extremely long and prosperous life-span. The work is also available either as a floor cabinet or as a wall mounted cabinet. 

  Floor Cabinet Wall Mounted Cabinet
Width 102cm 102cm
Depth 49cm 49cm
Height 144cm 132cm