Contemporary Cabinets BelgiqueElda 4 Door Oak Sideboard

Elda 4 Door Oak Sideboard

A pure oak exterior showcases immense style as the customisable Elda 4 Door 4 Drawer Oak Sideboard enhances any interior with its powerful, minimal arrangement.
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Loyal to its roots in minimalist styles of interior design, the Elda 4 Door 4 Drawer sideboard redefines any home with its own uncompromising identity. In a subtle yet enormously effective and influential feature, a deviation of Fenix inset strips run up and across the sideboards pure, 85% oak exterior, to give the piece its distinct standout character. The inset strips come in any of our select Bronzo, Piombo and Zinco shades, and thermally heal against any scratches, abrasion or other damages such a material may be exposed to over a prolonged period.

The sideboards oak core is available in a selection of softer and deeper finishes, making it as adaptable to rustic themes as the Mid-century modern styles of some more brightly lit spaces. A soothing woodgrain pattern gives the design an unadulterated edge, while contributing an organic aura to the broader environment. Stainless steel handles adopt a nominal shape and serve to enhance further the unadulterated essence of the whole arrangement. 

Most vital to this design is its abundant storage capacity. 4 doors and 4 drawers make the sideboard fully capable of accommodating all your household functions, with its top surface being ideal for display purposes. A wide frame is easily placed against a wall and out of the way in either a living or dining room setting. The sideboard's oak core, while being visually compelling, forms an unyielding and highly durable base. The design can be selected as either a floor cabinet or a wall mounted cabinet, depending on personal preference. Its rich multifaceted nature makes this sideboard the perfect enhancement of any cutting-edge interior. 

  Floor Sideboard Wall Mounted Sideboard
Width 242cm 242cm
Depth 49cm 49cm
Height 89cm 77cm