Contemporary Cabinets BelgiqueElda 3 Door Oak Display Cabinet

Elda 3 Door Oak Display Cabinet

The imposing Elda 3 Door Oak Display Cabinet instantly stuns with an array of compelling assets. The beauty of its oak exterior is met by remarkable technological flair to product a one-of-a-kind showpiece that wouldn't go amiss in any contemporary interior.
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The towering Elda 3 Door Display Cabinet brings an abundance of style, innovation and storage to the interior it occupies. This multifaceted gem is built of 85% solid oak, and displays throughout its exterior an inspiring grain pattern to offer its own serenity to the wider ambience of a space. In between two oak doors comes a display door, whereby two shelves are gifted with attractive appeal courtesy of an internal light installation. With a capacity to be dimmed and raised, this feature can offer a subtler touch and establish a deep, mystical backdrop. In doing so, the design can best bring forth the key features of the works the cabinet holds on display. While this suave feature makes the cabinet chiefly suitable for more modern interior spaces, the design's exterior is available in a selection of heavier and softer tones, allowing it to adapt to profound effect to a broad scope of varied décor themes.

If the subtle yet powerful addition of lighting gives this piece a notable innovative flair, then the use of nanotechnology for the design's inset strips pushes the work to the apex of modern interior design. Available in any of our select Bronzo, Piombo or Zinco shades, the design uses an opaque Fenix supermatt material that thermally heals against scratches, rubbing and abrasion. Paired with a strapping oak frame, the design is remarkably durable and carries an extremely lengthy life-span. The same Fenix supermatt material is also used for the base of the display compartment.

While aesthetically sublime, this piece holds a great functional value. A drawer, a display cabinet and two concealed cabinets give the design an ample storage capacity. With three shelves in either of the two concealed compartments, the cabinet is able to accommodate a whole host of different household uses with the utmost ease. Coming as part of our select Elda range, this well-rounded design makes for an essential showpiece for your home. Its standout character is guaranteed to impress guests, and to redefine any living space with its own unique identity.

Width 141cm
Depth 49cm
Height 144cm