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Grenoble Display Top with Lights

A display cabinet of pure oak is given plenty of contemporary flair as integrated lights set the perfect mood for showcasing ornaments.
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This pure oak top wall cabinet forms a delightful focal point in your home for exhibiting display pieces or for offering an effective place for storage of your valuable crockery. Two shelves covering the width of the cabinet are divided into an exposed compartment, a pair of glass display compartments and a concealed drawer. Gun-barrel hinges on the doors and a grain pattern across the exterior give the design a rustic warmth. This is met, however, with the innovative touch of integrated lighting, which comes as a tremendous feat of contemporary design. The harmonisation of classic with modern traits is what makes this cabinet particularly special.

The oak accounting for the frame is exceptionally durable, giving this product an exceptionally long life-span. Fitted into the wall, the cabinet adds greatly to the ambience of any space, with its serene appearance capable of adjusting nicely to a range of interior themes.

Width 188cm
Depth 30cm
Height 114cm