Contemporary Cabinets Albemarle Sofia Glazed Oak Display Cabinet

Sofia Glazed Oak Display Cabinet

A delightfully well-rounded design sees an eminently stylish dresser complement its glazed oak frame with ample space for practical storage and display.
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With a towering frame and an organic oak motif, this Sofia Glazed Oak Display Cabinet emanates its calming theme upon the space it inhabits. Details of the display cabinet’s finesse become immediately apparent. Incaved trimmings appear down the centre of the pair of display doors and atop both drawers directly underneath. Such a detail emphasises the feeling of luxury that’s prevalent throughout the product’s entirety. A glazed finish makes the cabinet immediately eye-catching, whilst defining further the meticulous woodgrain pattern that permeates the exterior.

Choose between our array of available heavier and softer oak-based finishes to reflect the aesthetic of your own home. The capacity for customisation with this cabinet offers you a design that fits solely to your requirements.

Space is at a premium with this oak display cabinet. With a set of drawers and a pair of display doors opening down the centre of the design, the cabinet offers boundless space for storage of your favourite crockery or display pieces.

Made of oak, a strapping foundation ensures of a long life for this product. The dependable nature of the cabinet’s arrangement makes this piece a truly invaluable investment.

Width 88.6cm
Depth 44cm
Height 185.2cm