Contemporary Cabinets Albemarle Rustika Tall Oak Display Cabinet

Rustika Tall Oak Display Cabinet

This inviting tall oak display cabinet compliments its superb and sizeable oak frame by integrating innovative technology into the design's very spine.
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With a luscious oak exterior gifting the design with a serene and organic motif, the splendid Rustika Tall Oak Display Cabinet brims with immediately enticing quality. Harmonising with the display cabinet’s imposing frame, the products unique aesthetic never falls short of magnificent. In purchasing the cabinet, you have the freedom to tailor your design to suit best the ambience of your own home. A range of available dark and light oak-based finishes pave the way towards true uniqueness of your purchase.

In true innovative fashion, the cabinet is fitted with LED lights across the display doors two shelves, creating an ideal spotlight for exhibiting your cherished ornaments. The feature of an LED display also gives this timeless design a surge of contemporary flair, complementing the more classic themes emanated through the works dominant oak core.

While breaking boundaries stylistically, the product offers a broad horizon of practical traits too. Most notably, a concealed compartment, a drawer and a display door provide sufficient space to accommodate a whole host of potential household functions. Due to its tall frame and compact surface area, the display tower itself avoids taking up any excess space. This gives the product a great deal of versatility to be positioned freely around your interior.

The durability of this cabinet is assured with an oak base forming an immovable and unyielding foundation. If handled respectfully, the cabinet will last a lifetime.

Width 68cm
Depth 45cm
Height 214cm