Contemporary Cabinets Albemarle Rustika Glazed Oak Highboard

Rustika Glazed Oak Highboard

An amazing glazed oak highboard combines time-honoured Rustic style with contemporary innovation to give a truly enticing aura.
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Pushing forth the boundaries of furniture design, this magnificent Rustika Oak Highboard is rich in eye-catching attributes. The product is immediately distinct for its oak motif. Showcasing a lovely tranquil woodgrain texture, the Highboard’s oak theme establishes an organic impression throughout its surrounding landscape. With a glazed finish, the cabinet has an enticing, glossy and more refined feel to it too. The product is available in a range of oak-based finishes, ranging from deeper to softer tones, to help you select the product most suitable to the unique aesthetic of your own home.

In true innovative fashion, an integrated LED lighting display features throughout the cabinet’s display compartment. Such an addition establishes an idyllic place to exhibit all valuable ornaments one may wish to place there, with lights drawing attention to the display shelves while themselves being rich with contemporary flair.

With a pair of concealed compartments, a pair of drawers and two display doors sitting atop the arrangement, the cabinet may sufficiently accommodate a host of potential household functions. With a base constructed of oak, a sturdy and dependable frame is formed. Such a reliable foundation guarantees a long life for this product. The capacity of the cabinet to remain unaltered by time makes it a truly invaluable investment.

Width 120cm
Depth 45cm
Height 154.5cm