Contemporary Cabinets Albemarle Rustika Glazed Oak Dresser

Rustika Glazed Oak Dresser

Eye-catching quality is brimming through the heart of this breathtaking oak dresser, with its oak frame given a glazed finish and with integrated LED lights offering boundless contemporary flair for your home.
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With a pristine glazed oak finish and at a soaring height, the Rustika Dresser is nothing short of magnificent. Aside from warming the space it occupies with an organic woodgrain texture permeating the cabinet’s every inch, the product offers ample space to accommodate all potential household uses. 2 concealed compartments, 2 drawers and 2 display doors, each with a pair of shelves for good measure, carry tremendous practical purpose. The dresser's oak finish may be customised in a range of lighter and heavier finishes to best suit the style of your own interior. 

While the core of the design holds strong roots in a more classic theme of furniture design, those qualities harmonise wondrously with the dresser’s strictly contemporary themes. Most notably of all is the inclusion of LED lights across the display shelves. While giving the whole product an abundance of eye-catching quality, such an addition makes the dresser ideal for showcasing any ornaments one might wish to place on display. 

Another fine detail of the design comes in the concaved carvings that feature at the top the drawers and concealed doors. Here the careful craftsmanship going into the dresser is finesse itself.

Built of pure oak, the base of the dresser cabinet is unyielding, and will last a life time in its owner’s possession. 

Width 120cm
Depth 45cm
Height 214cm