Retro Oak TV Unit

This exquisite oak tv unit contains several practical compartments for storage, making it perfect as a focal point for your TV and for storing consoles underneath.
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Few TV units are more suitable to take centre stage in your living room than this exclusive Retro addition. The TV unit’s surface area offers ample space for even larger screens, while an open display shelf is ideal for storing multiple consoles. Two additional sliding doors offer a premium of storage space too.

The design of the unit carries a subtle chicness to it, while it remains unassuming so to complement the wider ambience of the space it inhabits. A beautiful organic woodgrain pattern permeates the exterior. This texture comes in a range of lighter and heavier finishes, allowing you to finetune your purchase to suit your own individual interior style. The exterior may also be chosen with a White High Press Laminate (HPL) should you prefer. This laminate has a higher impact resistance to other laminates on the market, and so provides extra protection against scratches and other indentations the product may be exposed to over time.

The base of the cabinet is available as either an oak or stainless-steel design. Much like our choice between an oak or HPL finish, the choice of base determines whether your cabinet will hold more of a classic or contemporary angle. Regardless of personal preference, both bases account for an immovable foundation, with a subsequent long life-span guaranteed for the unit.

Width 180cm
Depth 45cm
Height 80cm