Contemporary Cabinets Albemarle Retro 2 Door 4 Drawer Oak Sideboard

Retro 2 Door 4 Drawer Oak Sideboard

Make this timeless and practical oak sideboard your own by choosing your exterior from a selection of oak-based and laminate finishes.
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Emulating time-honoured design trends ranging back the last 5 decades, this exclusive Retro oak sideboard certainly lives up to its name. Alongside its suave features are traits of tremendous space, luxury and convenience. 4 drawers feature neatly across the left most part of the cabinet, with 2 sliding doors to the right and centre forming a large inside space that’s suitable for multiple purposes.

The sideboard is available in a selection of oak-textured finishes, as well as a White High Press Laminate (HPL). Tones of oak range from heavier shades such as ‘smoked’ and ‘grey oak’ to gentler tones of ‘very white Oiled Oak’, giving you the freedom to tailor your own cabinet to suit your own homes unique aesthetic. Alternately, a HPL will give your sideboard a crisper, brighter feel whilst having a considerably higher impact resistance to most other laminates too.

You may also choose the appearance of the sideboard’s base, with an oak design or a stainless-steel design reflecting respective traditional or contemporary themes. Both designs offer strapping, sturdy and dependable support for your cabinet, and so ensure the product’s long life-span.

Width 180cm
Depth 45cm
Height 80cm