Contemporary Cabinets Albemarle Retro Oak Display Cabinet

Retro Oak Display Cabinet

Giving your best display pieces the best platform, this magnificent oak display cabinet is soaring in size and integrated with several feats of innovative contemporary design.
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A sensational oak display cabinet, of immense style and practical quality, decorates the space it fills with its unparalleled aura. Intelligent design is an integral consideration in the formation of this product. With the exterior’s finish available as a pure oak design or as a High Press Laminate (HPL), and with a base available in either oak or a more modern stainless steel, you have the freedom to attribute either a more classic or a more contemporary theme to your cabinet. In doing so, you find the style to most suitably reflect the unique aesthetic of your own interior.  

The product’s oak finish is available in a range of tones, spanning the tonal spectrum to reflect both heavier and softer moods. Through all finishes is a beautiful woodgrain texture, which sets its organic impression upon its space to profound effect. A White HPL appears seamless and glossy. Aside from its visual attributes, it provides extra protection against scratches, as well as other indentations the exterior may be exposed to over a prolonged length of time. 

Down the display cabinet’s sizeable frame features a set of display doors, opening down the centre of the design and with 2 shelves for good measure. With an additional set of concealed compartments just below, this piece provides an abundance of space to accommodate all potential household uses, from storing your favourite crockery between meals to exhibiting your favourite ornaments.

Width 90cm
Depth 45cm
Height 190cm