Retro Oak Bookcase

This retro oak bookcase provides copious space for accommodating all household needs, while enchanting an interior with its sensational and hypnotic appearance.
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At a towering height, this Retro Oak Bookcase decorates a room with its natural aura and its time-honoured style. Within its substantial frame is considerable space to practically store away all crockery and to display all ornaments, books and family photographs. 3 drawers and 3 display shelves may accommodate all potential household uses confidently.

The bookcase is available in a range of oak-based finishes. Available tones span from darker shades of ‘smoked’ and grey oak, to brighter tones that include ‘unfinished oak’ or ‘very white oiled oak’. The unique moods conveyed by each shade allow you to find the product suitable for the unique mood of your own home interior. For a more contemporary appearance, the bookcase’s exterior also comes in a White High Press Laminate. Aside from appearing sleek and seamless, a laminate surface provides extra protection against scratches and other damages to the surface that could appear over time.

The base of the product comes in oak to match the frame. For an additional fee, a more modern design comprised of stainless-steel may be selected. In both available frames, a strong and dependable structure is guaranteed. The cabinet’s ability to withstand time makes it a truly invaluable, long-term investment.

Width 90cm
Depth 45cm
Height 190cm