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Luna Lazy Susan Table Top

An ingenious round, rotating lazy susan for you dining table offering both light and sound possibilities.
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Our inventive Luna Lazy Susan is the unique accessory that will take your dining experience to the next level. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this rotating lazy susan gives you the opportunity to take control of your dining environment.

This central, turntable plate is a great place to put food and condiments as the rotation element makes them easily reachable for all your guests.

Furthermore, this product is highly customizable, giving you the opportunity to add LED lights under the base for an excellent source of mood lighting. You can even add integrated speakers, enabling you to play music from your mobile phone or MP3 player while you eat.

It is powered by rechargeable batteries offering a standard 3.5 hours of energy or you can upgrade to batteries that last an impressive 7 hours.

Available in 2 sizes and in your choice of our innovative Matilux Glass or Ceramic Glass materials, this product is extremely hardwearing, offering unrivalled resistance to spillages and scratches. The finish of the disc is also left in your hands allowing you to create the perfect fit for your table top.  

Diameter 45cm 85cm
Luna Disc Video
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Select Top Material & Size

Top Material
45cm No LED
45cm LED 7hrs
85cm No LED
85cm LED 3.5hrs
85cm LED + Audio 7hrs
10mm Matilux® Glass
10mm Tempered, coloured and frosted
3mm Ceramic + 6mm Glass
Ceramics 3mm laminated on 6mm tempered glass
6mm Ceramic + 6mm Glass
Ceramics 6mm laminated on 6mm tempered glass (Calacatta)
Solid Ceramic 13mm
Full Ceramics, fitted with fiberglass membrane underneath

Select Top Finish

Ultra White
Uni Grey
Blue Stone
Wood Grey
Old Oak
Smoked Oak
Black Iron
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