DESIGNER Tom De Vrieze

De Vrieze studied IT, then went into industrial CAD design before switching to furniture design in 1996. To this day, it is his experience with engineering and production that lies behind his ability to bring his ideas to life. Functionality is the factor that links his designs.


DESIGNER Axel Enthoven

Axel Enthoven is considered to be one of the pioneers of Product Design in Belgium. He has run his own high-profile design studio since 1976, specialising in product development and innovation research. Enthoven enjoys international renown as the designer of more than 1900 products, ranging from furniture to medical equipment to bus, train and tram design.



DESIGNER John Ghekiere

John Ghekiere established Ghekiere Industries in 1997. As the founder of the JOLI furniture brand, he is the managing director of the company as well as the head of JOLI’s design department. His keen interest in innovation, superior materials and a sharp eye for functional design are an intrinsic part of his personality. The creation of new products and directing marketing campaigns are his greatest passion.


DESIGNER Chris Vankeirsbilck

After studies in woodworking, Chris Vankeirsbilck earned his spurs at his father’s glass processing company. Since 1985, his business, V-sign, has grown from a glassworks into a master of interior design and design furniture. The combination of glass and wood is his signature to this day.


DESIGNER Mathias De Ferm

Mathias De Ferm designs furniture, kitchenware, barbecues and wooden extensions for buildings. His work is commissioned by internationally renowned brands. His approach is based entirely on creating added value through innovation, with the social relevance of objects often being a central concern.